We’re looking for unique teachers with deep entheogenic experience from both clinical and shamanic disciplines to join our Living Library of  Mentors & Masters to communicate, educate, and guide folks in how to prepare for, navigate, and integrate an initiatory inner journey.


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The entheogens we are focusing on are mainly the plant medicines of antiquity— ayahuasca, psilocybin, San Pedro, cannabis, and in particular, iboga/ibogaine the powerful psychedelic medicine that can interrupt opioid addiction in one revelatory treatment. Our program FEAT (Fund for Entheogenic Addiction Treatment) is currently in pilot and we are raising funds for individual $10K treatments with the goal of piloting 100 ibogaine treatments by November 2022.

 Our nine-month program Change Your Character: Nine Hexagrams for Rebirth will launch October 2022 and provide FEAT applicants an online self-study and mentoring platform and a philosophical template for the journey of personal transformation and integration that most people face before, during, and after their ibogaine treatment.

During this nine-month period we offer FEAT applicants guidance from experts in various disciplines to make informed decisions about working with other entheogens or other complementary modalities like nutrition, detox, breath work, hypnosis, therapy, coaching, bodywork, yoga, martial arts, energy work, neurolinguistic programming, and more taught by teachers within the Awake.net community that together can create a safe space for a profound initiatory experience to not only occur, but be integrated into the individual’s life.

We want to build a robust Directory of Mentors & Masters who can be a resource for private consultations during and after the nine-month program, and provide a searchable, dependable support system for addiction recovery and entheogenic integration. We’d like to draw from a diverse community of experts, naturopathic and allopathic, scientific and spiritual, multicultural, multifaceted, multidimensional.

View a sampling of current topics and authors below.

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Addiction Recovery

Learn about Ibogaine, the root bark that  interrupts opioid addiction in a single entheogenic treatment that many opioid addicts describe as a “spiritual experience.”

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Psilocybin Mushrooms

Shamanic therapist Cathy Coyle interviews luminaries from around the globe discussing the history, mystery, and alchemy of the psilocybin experience.

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Treating Trauma

Learn how MDMA can help you get to the heart of the matter– transcend emotions and heal treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress in three therapist assisted treatments

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Integration Blog & Course

The I Ching is an ancient Chines oracle that is created using the same principles that form the DNA system and the binary system used in computing. It becomes a blueprint for change in this course.

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Entheogens and Language

Ecstatic poet Jack Cross talks about shamanism, entheogens, and the geometric structure of the English/Latin alphabet in his blog series The Polemics of Jack.

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Cannabis as Entheogen

Cannabis, the Humble Master is an upcoming podcast series about how to use Cannabis as an entheogen and how to use it as an adjunct for integration.

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